Beautiful Kmazing Korean Idols with Huge Fans

I am sure that Korea has many talented idols in their entertainment. When we see the condition today, the Korean entertainment becomes the trending in the world and it also influences the trending of the world. Well, talking about the idols of Korea is not complete without watching the personal Kmazing idols.

In this occasion, we have several special and most beautiful K-pop idols that maybe you are the fans of her. Yes, the beauty of the idols become one of the reasons why the fans love them so much. Then, who are the Korean idols that have high rate of beauty? See some writings below.


Suzy is one of the special and Kmazing idol with the beautiful face. She becomes popular because of her powerful voice and the gorgeous face. Aside becomes a singer, Suzy also takes a role as an actress.

The real name of Suzy is Bae Su Ji and she was born on October 10, 1994. Now, she is 24 years old. Seeing the age of Suzy, we may see that she is still young but talented. In March 2015, it was confirmed that Suzy has special relationship with Lee Min Ho.


Yura is also Kmazing idol that has beautiful face. She is the member of Girl’s day and has a special album called Love. Yura is the most beautiful K-pop and talented idol all of the time. Yes, it is reasonable because Yura becomes the popular singer, rapper and also the actress.

The real name of Yura is Kim Ah Young and she was born on November 6, 1992. Although she becomes the popular idol, she also thinks about her study. Now, she becomes the college student in Dongduk Women’s University.

Well, Suzy and Yura could be the example of the favorite women idol of the Kmazing actress. Yes, they do not only talented in technique of entertainment but also beautiful!

Description: Kmazing shows that Suzy and Yura becomes the talented, young and beautiful idols. They have huge fans in the world who wait for their new performance.

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